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DIMETHOATE 400 EC E July2014 - Villa Crop- dimethoate insecticide basf pdf github татаж авах ,resistant insects may not be controlled by DIMETHOATE 400 EC or any other group code 1B insecticide. To delay insecticide resistance: • avoid exclusive repeated use of insecticides from the same insecticide group code. Alternate or tank mix with products from different insecticide group codes,Dimethoate 4EC Systemic Insecticide 5905-493DIMETHOATE 4 EC is a clear liquid. When added to water, it will disperse readily and will remain physically stable with a minimum amount of agitation. Apply this product only as specified on this label. Application equipment: DIMETHOATE 4 EC can be applied by any pressure sprayer that will give uniform

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The dimethoate content shall be declared (not less than 950 g/kg) and, when determined, the mean measured content shall not be lower than the declared minimum content. 3 Relevant impurities 3.1 Omethoate (CAS No. 1113-02-6, CAS name O,O-dimethyl S-[2-(methylamino)-2-

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BASF Safety data sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Date / Revised: 03.11.2010 Version: 1.0 Product: DIMETHOATE 40 152 11 I (30354918/SDS_CPA_GB/EN) Date of print 04.11.2010 1. Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking DIMETHOATE 40 Use: crop protection product, insecticide Company: BASF SE

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DIMETHOATE 400 Insecticide PAGE 3 OF 10 CROP PEST STATE RATE WHP (days) CRITICAL COMMENTS Grain Legumes Spider Mites, Thrips, Jassids, Green Vegetable Bug, Aphids, Bean Fly Qld, Vic, Tas, SA, WA only 75 mL/100 L or 800 mL/ha 14(H) 14 (G) Apply when insects appear and repeat as necessary. DO NOT re-apply within 14 days. Spray when flowering spikes

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Dimethoate 400 is an organophosphate systemic insecticide/miticide for use on fruit and citrus trees, vineyards, nonbearing and nursery stock, commercial pecan production, certain commercial vegetable crops, certain field and seed crops and ornamental plants grown in nurseries only.

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Product Name :DIMETHOATE Systemic Insecticide Classified as hazardous Solubility in Water Disperses in water. Not soluble. Specific Gravity 1.057 Vapour Pressure 0.25 mPa @ 25°C for dimethoate Surface Tension 9.5 mN/m Flash Point 52°C Flammability Flammable Liquid. Flammable Limits - 1.3% for cyclohexanone Lower Flammable Limits - 9.4% for ...

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An emulsifiable concentrate, systemic insecticide, containing 400 g/l (37.4 % w/w) dimethoate, for the control of aphids and certain other pests in wheat, rye, triticale, sugar beet and other beet crops, agricultural herbage (seed crops) and ornamental plant production. Dimethoate is an anticholinesterase organophosphate. Handle with care.

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Nufarm Dimethoate Systemic Insecticide Approved: 18 Jan 2016 Page 3 CROP PEST CONTROLLED STATE RATE WHP Days CRITICAL COMMENTS Beans, Peas Cow Pea Aphid NSW, WA only 350-650mL/ha 7Harvest 7Grazing Apply when pests appear and …